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As the saying goes: back an inch thin, ten years young; back a thick, three years old.

Women with a slim back enhance temperament and look younger; they look older.Therefore, the back not only reflects a person’s body shape, but also reflects whether a person’s temperament is young. Today to share with you 9 beautiful back body style, try it together!
1, stood up and prayed

l Mountain style, hands chest close ten, shoulders spread out
l The feet are separated hip wide and parallel to the outside of the feet
l The aspirated spine extends up and chest
l Exhale and relax, and take 5~8 breaths
2, tree-style
l Center of gravity right foot, bend left knee foot on the inner right thigh
l Close your hands on your chest and your shoulders relax and sink
l The aspirated spine extends up and chest
l Breabreath balance and take 5~8 breaths
3, High Start
l Right large calf 90 degrees and left leg straight back
l Left hip forward, right hip backward, positive in the pelvis
l Inhale your hands too high and your palms relative
l Exhale shoulder sinks and stay for 5~8 breaths
4, stands forward bending
l Mountain-type, aspirated spine chest extension
l Turn down before exhale and head and neck relaxing
l Grab your ankles with both hands and find your thighs in your abdomen
l Find your calves on your forehead and take 5~8 breaths
5, Cat
l The large arms are shoulder wide directly below the shoulder
l The knee is as wide directly below the hip
l The Inspiratory spine chest cavity extends forward
l Exhale the sciatic shoulder to open backwards
l Neck extended and stay for 8 breaths
6, dog dog
l Lower dog, aspirated spine extension, sciatic push high
l Exhale your legs and drop your heel backward
l Indomin and stay for 8 breaths
7, Cobra style
l Put both hands on the chest and push the upper body
l The thoracic spine extends, resting below the pubic bone
l Exhale the shoulders to sink and extend the neck
l Indomin and stay for 8 breaths
8, locust type
l Lie prone, with your hands open on both sides
l Inhale, shoulder back spread, and slightly receptive abdomen
l Exhale your upper legs up from the floor
l Abdominal in, leg force starts
l Neck extension, stays for 5~8 breaths
9, bow type
l Lie prone, hands grasp feet instep, shoulders spread
l Exhale your calf and force up and lift your upper body
l Neck extension, relaxed shoulders and abdominal abdomen
l Strengthen your legs and stay for 5 breaths
Through yoga style exercises, you can relieve your back fatigue, relax your back muscles, and have a perfect back curve ~

Post time: 08-09-2021

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