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Five Things Yoga Teachers Want You to Know the Most

As a yoga teacher, you will tell students many things in class-how to do yoga asanas, how to do upright positions, use anatomical principles to practice asanas, use variants to make asanas safer and suitable for all practitioners, breathing Skills, etc.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced practitioner, or yoga is just part of your daily exercise, in a yoga class, here are 5 things a yoga teacher wants you to know more than just breathing and resting when needed.

Five Things Yoga Teachers Want You to Know the Most

1. Ask questions

In class, it is difficult for the teacher to take care of everyone. As a student, you are responsible for your practice.

It also includes the questions you have to ask the teacher how to do variants, which muscles to activate in different asanas, how to do difficult asanas, and which books to read.

2. No need to deliberately leave a good impression on the teacher

We said a lot to focus on your yoga practice and don’t look at the people next to you.

However, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate. You do a good posture, the teacher won’t care, and others won’t care. You just need to focus on your practice.

3. Keep the practice space tidy

Yoga mats, yoga bricks, yoga belts, blankets, and even pillows and towels. Then add your phone, water bottle, and many other things next to the yoga mat.

Please put things in the corner or on the shelf, especially when the class is crowded, those things will become obstacles.

4. Take the phone away

It means to turn off the phone (or just mute it and vibrate), put it in your bag and on the shelf, not next to the mat.

You don’t need to send text messages or take photos during class, do you?

Five Things Yoga Teachers Want You to Know the Most2

4. Don’t make moaning and complaining sounds

This is not only when you practice (try to keep the voice down), but it is to say, don’t complain because the class is crowded or the teacher asks you to move the yoga mat to make more space. Or some people step on the spot in class and need you to move the mat.

How to treat the yogis around is also part of yoga practice.

Post time: 07-16-2021

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