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Correctly solve acne, bad breath and constipation

In fact, these situations are more common for sedentary, irregular diet or humid spleen and stomach babies.
Today’s Xiaobian will tell you about how to detoxify the intestinal tract!
People who have signs of excessive toxins in the body should pay attention to the following conditions:
1, tongue coating yellow, halitosis, many people feel “not enough to eat”, the stomach to detoxify;
2, surface head spots, leucorrhea increased, the spleen to detoxify;
3, facial or body edema, fatigue feeling increased, the kidney to detoxify;
4, ulcers grow in the tongue, the heart to detoxify;
5, nail surface has convex edges, or depressed down, the liver to detoxify;
6, chin blain and small intestine to detox.
Yoga can “clean” the stomach:
1. Yoga method The principle of cleaning up the digestive tract
Yoga method to clean up the principle of the digestive tract, mainly through a long time of continuous drinking water, make different exercise posture, make the water from the mouth began to clean the gastrointestinal stomach, duodenum, small intestine and large intestine, and then discharged from the anus, so, often use yoga method, can play the effect of “cleaning” stomach and stomach.
The method of yoga exercise, should be carried out on an empty stomach in the morning, breakfast at 5-7 points is the strong time of digestive activity, have the use of clear stomach.
You can start: early morning, on an empty stomach, prepare a pot of warm water, put a little salt, slightly salty. Prepare two glass cups, fill salt water, and quickly drink it. Then practice the following postures for 10 minutes:
01! Exhaust type
l Lie on your back with back pads
l Hold your knees and pull your thighs toward your chest
l Try to keep your back back on the ground
Exhaust type often means exhaust. People plagued with constipation usually gather a lot of gas in the abdomen, causing abdominal pain. Practicing this formula regularly can help relieve many digestive disorders, such as indigestion, excessive gastric acid secretion, etc.
02! Beangle
l Sit long, bend your left knee, bend your right knee, feet opposite
l Inhale and extend the entire back up
l Exhale, and the body is bent forward and down
Pre-flexion exercises can effectively squeeze and massage the abdomen, promote abdominal blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, promote digestion and relieve constipation, but also help to quickly discharge the exhaust gas in the body. In addition, beam exercises will also help relieve stress and rejuvenate.
03! Plough type
l Lie on your back, arms on the side and legs together
l Inhale, the legs extended up and lifted perpendicular to the ground
l Exhale, keep your legs up, and naturally lift your hips
l Roll the upper body back vertically to the ground with the help of the abdomen
l Knee joint straight and pointed
Plough formula is an effective and comfortable formula for constipation groups, which can give appropriate massage to the abdomen to help the endotoxin discharge.
The bridge type is an inverted type, so it accelerates blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the hip range, which can effectively help solve digestive problems.
04! Sitting posture and spine torsion
l Sit long, bend your right knee, and press your right foot outside of the left knee
l Inhale and extend the spine upward
l Exhale the body to the right and the right hand on the back side of the body
Sitting spine torsion is an upper body torsion pattern, which can effectively massage the kidney, spleen, small abdomen, liver and other abdominal organs, and the process can improve the range of movement of the abdomen, which is very effective for relieving constipation.
05! Baby-type
l Sit on your knees with your hips on your heels
l Exhale and move the body forward and down
l Try not to leave your heels
l Keep your forehead on your pillow pillow
l Extend your arms forward and relax
The baby formula is a relaxing formula that calms the whole body and can be massaged to the abdominal organs. After the abdomen is completely folded, along with abdominal breathing, the massage strength will be strengthened, which is very effective for relieving constipation.
06! supine spine torsion



Post time: 08-09-2021

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