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The sweat of practicing yoga is the best skin care product for women!

Some people sweat easily when practicing yoga. Many people don’t like the slimy body. But in fact, sweat during yoga practice is our best skin care product.
But in fact, sweat from practicing yoga is our best skin care product.
Unlike passive sweating in the superficial layer of heat and steam, yoga is active sweating, which can stimulate deep muscles and expel toxins and sweat from the body.
Therefore, sweating after practicing yoga can make people feel relaxed and happy, and there are also the following unexpected benefits:
1. Accelerate the circulation of body fluids
More than 99% of the composition of sweat is water, which can clean the pores and discharge some metabolic wastes, such as urea, ammonia, and lactic acid.
Therefore, sweat glands are also called the “second kidney” of the human body. They often make themselves sweat, which can relieve the metabolic burden of the kidneys to a certain extent.
2. Skin care and beauty
Normal people’s skin surface sweat and sebaceous glands secrete oil on the body surface to form an emulsified film, which prevents the loss of body surface water and makes the skin look smooth and moisturized.
People who don’t always sweat, because of the slow metabolism of the skin, some waste products are difficult to discharge, and the skin color looks unhealthy.
3. Stay in shape
When the human body practices yoga and reaches a certain strength, fat will be burned and converted into heat, which is excreted from the body through sweat.
Yoga can not only consume fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss and fitness, but also enhance the temperament and give people the beauty of upright and elegant body.
4. Relieve anxiety and tension
Yoga is a kind of exercise in static and dynamic, which can relieve neuromuscular tension.
According to experts, when irritable and anxious emotions rush to the heart, jumping at a brisk pace for about 15 minutes and sweating can relieve tension and stabilize emotions.
5. Promote digestion and sleep
People who don’t sweat, the blood and qi run slowly, which will affect digestion, cause people to eat badly, and their nerve activity will also be affected, causing people to sleep badly at night.
Yoga can enhance the secretory function of the digestive glands, promote regular gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, regulate nerve activity, and promote night sleep.
6. Enhance memory
A long-term educational experiment conducted in the United States for 20,000 middle school students showed that students who actively sweat can greatly improve their memory and concentration. Frequently follow the breathing to stretch the body, the brain thinking activities become clear and flexible, which can effectively eliminate mental fatigue and improve study and work efficiency.
7. Improve immunity
From the perspective of western medicine, the physiological function of sweating is to “regulate body temperature”, because after sweating, the skin temperature can be reduced by about 4 degrees Celsius on average, which can be described as the “air conditioner” of the human body.
The most direct harm of reduced sweat glands is the reduced adaptability to temperature differences. It is easy to catch a cold all at once, resulting in weakened immunity.
8. Control blood pressure and blood lipids
Hypertension is a phenomenon that occurs due to the narrowing and hardening of the inner diameter of blood vessels and the restriction of unit blood flow.
Practicing yoga and sweating can expand capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Long-term yoga is conducive to reducing blood lipid content through weight loss, so as to achieve a fundamental stabilization of blood pressure.
9. Prevent various diseases
People who practice yoga 3 times a week for more than 1 hour each have enhanced muscle emergency and coordination, and their bone density and strength are significantly higher than those of the same age. Regardless of age, fractures after falls are rare.
In addition, practicing yoga and sweating can also effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and other diseases.

Post time: 08-09-2021

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