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Tired (lazy) too hard to move? Try Yin Yoga…

Yin Yoga is a practice of introspection, giving us an opportunity to look inward and find the inner peace and quiet center. Practice stability, patience and inaction.

Through Yin Yoga,

We become good at self-care.

When you have patience,

We become a better listener;

When looking inward,

We become more wise.

Yin Yoga helps the body restore flexibility and joint flexibility

To have healthy physical flexibility, the connective tissue must be flexible and allow the muscles to move freely. However, due to injury, bad habitual posture in daily life, coupled with aging and other factors, these connective tissues will become too tight, leading to so-called adhesions and restricting muscle movement.

Just like a traffic jam, adhesions hinder the flow of nutrients and energy in the body, leading to body pain and restricted mobility. Maintaining the stretched muscles and fascia for a long time helps to untie the adhesions, puts gentle pressure on the joints and connective tissues, and makes the body flexible and flexible.

Yin Yoga revitalizes body tissues

Through practice, the tissues of our body can be restored, just like a hard sponge can be slowly softened in water. When you practice Yin Yoga, maintain the asana for a long time, go deep into the asana, and the tissue will be stretched, moisturized, and softened. If you feel it carefully, you will feel the tissue stretching, squeezing, twisting and flattening.

Yin Yoga gives us an opportunity to cultivate gratitude for the body

The simplicity of Yin Yoga practice allows us to return to the body and see the current state of our own mind and body. When we enter the deep level, practice becomes an internal practice, connecting the respiratory system and cardiovascular circulatory functions, internal organs with the perception of muscles and joints. This keen insight will make us content.

Yin Yoga slows us down

The Yin Yoga poses are maintained for a long time to allow us to stabilize. When you allow yourself to focus on the present and experience its subtleties, the door of time opens. Deadlines, promises, pressing issues, and plans have all disappeared, leaving only a huge space for rest and recovery.

Yin Yoga teaches us to care for ourselves

The ability to focus on body, mind, emotion, and spirituality is the foundation of our happiness. Yin Yoga practice gives us an opportunity to observe, cultivate, soothe and calm ourselves. Enter an asana seriously and keep your body in a state where you can maintain it for a long time. This is a kind of self-care and loving kindness.

Staying in the posture for a long time allows us to get along with our emotions

Our body can store emotions. Through practicing yoga, sensitive thoughts, feelings and memories will surface. Yin Yoga teaches us to be gentle, patient and unresponsive.

Yin Yoga helps us to be more resilient in the face of stress

Maintaining an asana for a few minutes can cause anxiety. However, when we touch it gently, the body will conform to nature. Surrender is a common theme in Yin Yoga. Give up the obsession of control and bring it to daily life. The ability to adapt to life’s ups and downs and calmly face changes can reduce stress.

Yin Yoga helps us enter the working state of the parasympathetic nervous system

Diaphragm breathing, or abdominal breathing, can very well activate the parasympathetic extension system. You may have heard of the benefits of activating the parasympathetic nervous system (stress, tension, blood pressure, sleep, digestion, immune function, hormones, etc.). Most of us have insufficient activation of this system.

When we practice Yin Yoga deeply, our breathing slows down and we enter the parasympathetic nervous system state, that is, relaxation mode. The internal organs have more time to complete their work (digestion, detoxification, repair, etc.).

The stability of Yin Yoga prepares for meditation

You don’t have to deliberately search for meditation, sometimes it comes back to find you on its own. Yin yoga practice allows us to enter the frequency of meditation. We rarely discover who we are, because thoughtful clouds hinder us from watching. When we stabilize the body in Yin Yoga, our brain becomes clear. At this precious moment, we can see our true self.

Yin yoga cultivates balance

Your own health and happiness are a balanced expression. If you have seen Tai Chi diagrams, you will find the perfect balance between black and white. The lifestyle of most of us is too yang, and there is little or no time to cultivate a quiet, introspective side. Over time, it will become unstable physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through Yin Yoga practice, we can restore balance and feel complete.

Post time: 07-26-2021

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